Guiding Your Cannabis Business Through the Legal Landscape

Eckland & Blando has extensive experience in all matters related to starting and running a cannabis business, from corporate governance to state-specific business requirements. Whether you need help strategizing and drafting your business, security, or diversity plan as required by Minnesota Statute, or seeking advice on the best structure for your evolving business, our attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way. To set up a free legal consultation with us, please call (612) 236-0160 or contact us directly online.

Expertise in Cannabis Business Law

The Cannabis Law Group at Eckland & Blando has extensive experience in assisting businesses at all stages of their development, from original formation, filings, management, disputes, and beyond. Cannabis businesses face additional business considerations, on top of every day business problems. 

How Our Minnesota Cannabis Business Attorneys Can Help

Our team of cannabis business attorneys is dedicated to helping you navigate the complex legal landscape of the cannabis industry. When you reach out to our law office, you will have the opportunity to consult with one of our attorneys who can:

  • Draft and file your business opening forms
  • Provide guidance on the best business structure for your company
  • Address corporate governance issues and concerns
  • Help you understand and comply with state-specific business requirements
  • Resolve corporate conflicts and disputes to ensure your company’s success

Don’t let corporate conflict hinder your cannabis company’s success. Eckland & Blando is here to provide sensible advice and secure your company’s successful operations.

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At Eckland & Blando, our cannabis business attorneys are experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges facing businesses in the cannabis industry. If you need assistance with any aspect of cannabis business law, we are more than ready to help you navigate the complex legal landscape. Contact us at (612) 236-0160 or contact us online for a free legal consultation. From our Minnesota law office, we handle cannabis business law matters throughout the state and across the country.

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